RJ102 will decode the command and send the command to CCTV ISP
      with GPIO standard.
      It's perfect for all kind of ISP.

  • MSOP10 3.0 x 3.0mm
  • Small packaged IC
  • Low cost


      Once user presses key button on the remote controller
      and then RJ201 will send the command through video line
      to the RJ UTC Receiver which on the camera module.

  • TSSOP8 3.0 x 4.4mm
  • Small packaged IC
  • Low cost


      The RJ208 is a 8 channel DVR IR receiver for decoding the IR signal
       from remote controller, then send the IR decoded command to
      the respective CCTV camera module which connected to DVR though
      by the coaxial cable.
      The Master RJ208 receive the IR signal from the TV remote
      controller, and decoded into channels and command,
      and send to the Receiver through by coaxial cable.

          - 4 ch & 8 ch DVR : RJ208 only 1 pcs
          - 16 ch DVR : 2 pcs of RJ208
          - 32 ch DVR : 4 pcs of RJ208

  • Small packaged IC
  • Low cost
  • Simple external component
  • All kind of DVR solution
  • CCTV OSD control by connected DVR